Forage is a real food restaurant & shop in Imphal by Warakki. We serve hearty real food inspired by the Mediterranean and Neighbourhood cuisines. We are among the forerunners in natural real food business in Imphal with a no-nonsense focus on making our operations and products eco-friendly.

Takeaway Yay!

Kombucha is a great tasting probiotic non-alcoholic health drink, and Sourdough bread, a speciality healthy bread. Fermentation marks a key aspect of these two exclusive products from Forage which instils in them numerous health benefits as well as unmatched taste.
Kombucha is an age-old probiotic non-alcoholic beverage made by fermenting sweet tea using particular strains of yeast and bacteria. It is rich in probiotics, antioxidants and is famous world over among health-conscious consumers. Sourdough bread is traditionally made using wild yeast to naturally ferment and leaven the dough. It goes through a long process of fermentation which breaks down the dough into readily digestible nutrients and imparts it a delicious characteristic taste.

Favourites among our patrons, Kombucha and Sourdough bread are now available as a takeaway!