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One of the biggest concerns people on a diet seem to have is what healthy food they can snack on. Even with meticulous mealtime planning and a great fitness regime, it is the hunger in between the meals that remains a challenge. After spending close to a decade-and-a-half on weight issues and facing daily internal conflicts and failed diets, Jasmine Kaur, Founder of The Green Snack Co, knew that she had to transform her lifestyle for good.

It was Jasmine’s need to find that snack that was tasty, crunchy and nutritious at the same time that gave birth to The Green Snack Co. “There was no such snack available in the market,” she adds. Soon, she quit her job and decided to work on her venture. She began by doing research on various healthy snacks available globally. She found that one product had a ubiquitous presence diets world over was the leafy vegetable kale. Read more

Kekru Sessions 03

16 September ’17 | 4:30pm to 6:00pm | Entry Free

A happening organised by Kekru. Featured poets, open mic, acoustic music with Tejas Yambem. It is actually a Happening above Forage. The rooftop of our building is a real cosy place with a great view, esp. at sunset. So we thought we’d bring it to life! We hope to host more such dos in the future now that we know how great the vibe is! All thanks to KokSamLai building for letting us use the space.

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Shaping Sound


16 August ’17 | 6:30pm to 7:30pm | Entry Free

An invitation to transform difference through music and dance. For our impromptu Happening at Forage, we bring you Nawa Lanzilotti from Hawaii on Cello; contemporary dance by Joshua Sailo & Puia Pachuau from Mizoram.

Keywords: contemporary dance, Mizoram, movement, performance, Hawaii, live cello, improvisation

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Open House

14 January ’17 | 1:30pm to 5:30pm | Entry Free

This is our first event made possible with the help of our talented friends who went on to found the Kekru project later. It is an interactive open jam of various artforms. Noted poets Oja Yumlembam Ibomcha and Oja Robin S Ngangom will be joining us. We will be featuring solo artist Leishel Rangshel Koireng.

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